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At Better Lending Team, we build trust through personalized guidance, local market expertise, and a commitment to exceeding your expectations. #TrustworthyMortgages"


Did uou know we are mortgage brokers? That means on average, our costs are thousands less than banks and direct lenders.


As a mortgage broker, we can typically get you closed faster: 30 days or less!

If you need REALLY FAST, we have closed loans in 11 days.

We don't know a bank or direct lender that can say the same.

About Lending By Daniel LLC

DBA Better lending team

Daniel started the mortgage brokerage to go out on his own but soon after, other loan officers started asking Daniel if they could come with with him. At first Daniel was reluctant because he had envisioned being a "one man band."

After a little thought, Daniel decided having other loan officers working with him would be mutually beneficial but since all the paperwork was already done using Lending By Daniel LLC, he had a small issue: the others can't go around saying they work at Lending By Daniel LLC when their name wasn't Daniel.

Better Lending Team was born: just a simple filing for a fictious name and BAM! - we're now Better Lending Team. A name we are proud of!

What our clients say

I only worked with Daniel, but if the rest of his team follows his actions and mindsets, then everyone there is just as awesome!

I went into this honestly not knowing what I was doing. At first, you never want to let someone know this for fear that they will look at you as "fresh meat". Even since the first phone call, Daniel's nature put my fears at ease and the sharing of my lack of experience allowed him to tailor the entire experience to someone who wanted to purchase a home, was curious about the process, and did not have experience.

Almost 99.99999% of all of our interactions were virtual (I honestly think I only saw him in person once at closing), but every step of the way, things were explained clearly, questions (even the silly ones) were answered honestly or with an honest answer of "I'm not too sure, but let me get that info and I'll get back to you" and had a follow up call or email within the same business day.

Never once was I looked down on or interacted with as "just a customer". My favorite part of working with Daniel was simply the human aspect. He didn't put on an air of always being bright and sunny, even though he is very good natured. I had the pleasure of going through the entire home buying process with someone who was genuinely interested in what mattered to me and how we can accomplish those goals.

Thank you again to Daniel and the entire Better Lending Team and I wish nothing but the best for all of you!

- James Yuhas

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